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LACEN - Latin American Community Engagement Network is a Social Serving, non-profit organization [Free Services] made up of Community Engagement show more


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LACEN - Latin American Community Engagement Network is a Social Serving, non-profit organization [Free Services] made up of Community Engagement Volunteer Coordinators who are creating change in our community.

What is Community Engagement?
Community Engagement, Public Engagement and Civic Engagement refer to the process of involving all stakeholders (communities, organizations, individuals) in the building up of communities and various institutions such as schools, municipal governments and locally based non-profits.

We are individuals building our Community from the inside out. We achieve this by openly engaging the community (the people) and stakeholders in discussions and work that will assist in the betterment of the Community. We differ from other organizations in that we go out into the community and look for opportunities to assist/engage rather than waiting for the community to come to us. We know this is a necessary step in order to help families/individuals/organizations who don't have the time or resources to find help. Everyone deserves a good standard of living and there are those that do not have the time to achieve this because they are too busy making ends meet. Community Engagement Coordinators work with members of the community and organizations to ease that stress so that they don't feel alone or feel there is no help for them. There is help.

Because our work is community based, we are made up of Volunteers from many disciplines. Our volunteers include people from the public, private and non-profit sectors, young and old. Contact us today to see if you are eligible.

Community Engagement provides the average citizen ownership in the decisions that affect them and the community they live in. The Community Engagement Volunteer Coordinator is the catalyst in this process.

Ethical practice is the hallmark of those involved in the not for profit and Community Engagement movement.

As Community Engagement Coordinators, we recognize that we serve our community, our organizations and the public interest. In so doing, LACEN and its Volunteers will strive to exemplify the honesty, loyalty and fairness that we expect of others and that is expected of us. We will acquire and wisely use the specialized skills and knowledge that will ensure the success of our efforts. We will promote the public interest and Community Engagement while building understanding, credibility, and relationships among people, stakeholders and institutions in the community we serve. All Volunteers take part as Community Engagement Coordinators with the knowledge that there is no monetary gain for as long as LACEN exists or the Volunteer leaves the organization.

I pledge:
To conduct myself professionally and to serve the public interest.
To act with truth, fairness, and responsibility in all that I do.
To continuously work to improve my individual competence and knowledge.
And to adhere to the Code of Ethics of LACEN, the Community Engagement Network.

LACEN has made a commitment to be 100% Volunteer, 100% remuneration free, 100% transparent.

Join us, in making our community a better place to live, help us to redefine what community means to Latino’s for a better future.

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