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Community Energy Capacity Building Program

Community organizations across the province can now access the Community Energy Capacity Building Program (CECB). This new program allows community organizations to apply for funding to support community scale renewable energy generation. Projects with activities focused on community energy development, could include but are not limited to, renewable energy project feasibility studies, business case development, webinars and training.

Eligibility for this program is extended to all non-commercial and commercial co-operatives registered in Alberta and under an applicable government act. The following is a non-exhaustive list of the types of organizations who should consider applying:

  • Co-operative organizations
  • Registered charity
  • Community associations
  • Industry associations
  • Not-for-profit corporations
  • Municipalities
  • Post-secondary educational institutions
  • Indigenous communities or organizations

The program will fund two types of projects that build capacity within a community organization, which will eventually result in the development of a specific, small or micro-scale renewable energy system. The types are as follows:

  1. Projects that involve capacity building for a specific type of community-scale renewable energy project. These may include: renewable energy project pre-feasibility and feasibility studies, regulatory studies, or analysis of technical project requirements.
  2. Projects that involve capacity building for community energy projects as a whole in the province through the development of knowledge tools or education initiatives such as webinars, training and workshops.

Funding will be awarded following the receipt and evaluation of applications received on or before Monday, March 12, 2018 (MST) via email. To apply download the application. Submit the long form with all the supporting documents, if any, to by March 12th. Please use the email subject line: CECB Application – (Community/Organization Name).

For more information on CECB click here.